Service Quality

You are passionate about good service, optimizing revenue and caring for your hospitality team. Striking the right balance, The Insight Group employs well-traveled service experts to evaluate your operation with an eye to what works, what doesn’t and recognizing the best of your team with Star Employee Awards.

Cash Handling Integrity

The Insight Group specializes in uncovering cash mishandling, offering a specialized focus on cash controls that tell you whether guest cash payments are making it to your bottom line… or whether they are being shuffled to a place that, all too often, misses the cash register completely.



The Process and Documentation

We do not hire persons of unknown hospitality background and experience to evaluate your hotel staff and manager teams equipped with nothing more than a checklist. We hire staff knowledgeable about the hospitality industry.

After the assessment, you will receive an insightful written report detailing not only findings but recommendations. We will help show you how to improve service, bolster the integrity of your staff and establish an effective line of defense.

The success and efficiency of your business is our first priority. We look forward to the opportunity to become your hospitality evaluation services provider.
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